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Endurance Test Hang-off


Vos Prodect Innovations is happy to announce that an endurance test has been successfully completed with the Cable Hang-off System.

The test has been executed with a 3x400mm2 submarine power cable clamped in the temporary section of the Hang-off system.

A weight of 3300 kg had been hanged on the cable for 14 days to simulate the real life scenario with a high safety factor. Upon the completion of the first test, 400 kg has been added and kept in position for 5 days.

No damage to the cable or the armour wires has been visually observed. Electrical tests on the cable will be executed.

By having the test completed, Vos Prodect relies on the fact that the cables can securely be clamped with the temporary section and kept hanged until the final Hang-off is performed.

How does the system work?

When a submarine power cable is pulled into the cable platform, it will be temporarily secured by a clamping system which can easily be operated from outside of the hang-off. The temporary hang-off is clamping the cable on the outside of the cable, to avoid any works at the cable itself. The final hang-off is installed during finishing of the cable installation. In the final hang-off section, the cable will be hanged on its armour wires. The temporary hang-off can be released when the final hang-off is performed.

For more information, please visit our product page.