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Iceland Shore-end


Vos Prodect Innovations is happy to announce the delivery of cable protection systems for the submarine power cable project in Iceland, between the Mainland and Vestmannaeyjar island.

Landsnet hf, who operates Iceland's electricity transmission grid, has decided to use the well-known cable protection systems of Vos Prodect for the both shore-end landings of the power cable.

Due to the sea conditions around Vestmannaeyjar island, the weather window for laying the submarine cable limited to June-August. Therefore, Vos Prodect has taken an immediate action on the design and delivery of the systems, in order to guarantee the required delivery on time.

With the experience gained throughout project deliveries, the articulated pipes are optimized to meet the technical and commercial requirements of our valued customer.

The articulated pipes are used for this project in order to provide protection and maintain a secure operational lifespan.

Advantages of using Vos Prodect cable protection systems at the shore-end are;

- Easy handling and fast assembly

- Mechanical protection

- Added weight for stability

- Abrasion resistance in high energy locations

- Build with environment friendly material, does not require special permits

- De-commissioning is possible together with the submarine cable

Cable installation operations are being handled by Djuptaekni ehf, the main and respected contractor in Iceland. Djuptaekni previously has used the Vos Prodect cable protection systems for another cable installation & protection project in Iceland, in 2010.

We would like to thank Djuptaekni for recommending our systems to Landsnet for this project.