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Deliveries of the well known Vos Prodect cable protection systems, cable hang-off systems, technical and commercial studies, evaluation reports and/or engineering work has been performed over the last 6 years are;
(in random order)

Scottish Water Solutions
Delivery of Articulated Pipes for protection of water mains and sewer systems in several offshore locations

Delivery of Articulated Pipes for protection of FO cable Rampion OWF

Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects 
Delivery of Monopile entry systems for the protection of Gemini offshore wind farm project / infield cables

Delivery of Articulated Pipes for protection of several fiber optic cable projects
Delivery of Cable Hang-off Systems for Borkum West2 Offshore Wind Farm project
Delivery of Sealed Cable Hang-off Systems for Global Tech1 Offshore Wind Farm project
Delivery of Cable Hang-off Systems for Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm project
Delivery of Cable Hang-off Systems for Kentish Flats Extension Offshore Wind Farm project
Delivery of Sealed Cable Hang-off Systems for Gemini Offshore Wind Farm project
Delivery of Sealed Cable Hang-off Systems for Nordergruende Offshore Wind Farm project

Delivery of Sealed Cable Hang-off Systems for Luchterduinen (Q10) Offshore Wind Farm project

Delivery of Cable Hang-off Systems for Nordsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm project

Cofely Fabricom
Delivery of Sealed Cable Hang-off Systems for Amrumbank Offshore Wind Farm project

LS Cable&Systems
Delivery of Cable Hang-off Systems for an Oil&gas platform

Delivery of Articulated Pipes and interface connectors for Cape Sharp tidal project in Canada

EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre)
Delivery of Articulated Pipes for several projects and cable attachments of Wave and Tidal devices

Voith GmbH
Engineering and Delivery of Bend Stiffener for Korean Tidal project (demonstration)

Link SA
Delivery of Articulated Pipes to Greece for telecom cable projects

Djuptaekni / Landsnet
Delivery of Articulated Pipes to Iceland for power cable shore end landing projects

Delivery of Articulated Pipes to Greece for telecom and power cable projects

Delivery of Cable Hang-off Systems for Tamra Offshore Wind Farm project in South Korea

University of Rostock
Feasibility Assessment regarding the dynamic cable route between the floating offshore foundation (for a wind turbine) and the seabed