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Project references

The below project references displays a showcase of VPI systems that are active and deployed across the globe.

ProjectSystem TypeClientCountryYear
SeamadeVPI HOSJDR CablesBelgium2020
MRJN upgradeVPI HOSJ-PowerUAE2020
OresundVPI CPS & VPI JBRNKT ABSweden2020
Gina KrogVPI CPS & VPI JBRNKT ABSweden2020
Formosa 2VPI HOSLS cableTaiwan2020
Havfarm (fish farm)VPI CPS for a power cable projectScana OffshoreNorway2020
Hollandse Kust ZuidVPI HOSFulgorThe Netherlands2020
SenelecVPI CPS for a power cable projectRMT GmbHSenegal2020
Pentland EastVPI CPS for a power cable projectGlobal OffshoreScotland2020
PlocanVPI CBSWavepistonSpain2020
BeckombergaVPI CPS & VPI JBRNKT ABSweden2020
Windpark FryslanVPI HOSVan Oord The Netherlands2020
CFXDVPI HOSLS CableTaiwan2020
Sao VangVPI HOSPrysmianVietnam2020
Dan TyskVPI HOSJDR CablesDenmark2020
SFNY8VPI HOSJ-Power Systems SaudiDubai2020
Wave power demonstration projectVPI CPSWavepiston Canary Islands2020
AWG1 NAMVPI HOSJDR CablesThe Netherlands2020
Rio-Antirio ProjectVPI CPS & VPI CBSASSO SubseaGreece2019
Cable Joint projectsVPI CPS & VPI JBRETA LtdUnited Kingdom2019
ELIA MOGVPI HOSFulgorBelgium2019
SeaMadeVPI HOSFulgorBelgium2019
SeamadeVPI HOSJDRBelgium2019
NPCC Oil & Gas Platform ProjectsVPI CPS for J Tube Entry SystemJ-PowerAbu Dhabi2019
Johan SverdrupVPI CPS & VPI JBRNKT GmbHNorway2019
BorsseleVPI HOSNKT GmbHThe Netherlands2019
Triton KnollVPI HOSNKT GmbHUnited Kingdom2019
HokchiVPI HOSNSW GmbHMexico2019
TrollfjordVPI CPSNSW GmbHNorway2019
Northwester 2VPI HOSNSW GmbHBelgium2019
SSE Cable Maintenance ProgramVPI CPS for a power cable projectSSEScotland2019
CycladesVPI CPS & VPI CBSASSO SubseaGreece2019
Roatan ProjectVPI CPS for a power cable projectAlliance PowerUSA2018
IngeteamVPI HOSElican Floating TurbineCanarian Islands2018
Rampion OWFVPI HOSFulgorUnited Kingdom2018
SSE Cable Maintenance ProgramVPI CPS for a power cable projectGlobal MarineScotland2018
Floating Turbine (Canarian)VPI HOSIngeteam SpainSpain2018
Header 9VPI HOSJ-PowerUAE2018
Dubai PetroleumVPI HOSJ-PowerUAE2018
Safaniya 6VPI HOSJ-PowerUAE2018
ONGCVPI HOSJ-PowerIndia2018
L&TVPI HOSJ-PowerIndia2018
Merkur OWFVPI CPS for telecom cable projectNSW GmbHGermany2018
Deutsche Bucht OWFVPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2018
Trianel Windpark Borkum2VPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2018
Albatros OWFVPI HOSTKF cableGermany2018
Senelec CableVPI CPS for a power cable projectEiffageSenegal2017
Rampion OWFVPI HOSFulgorUnited Kingdom2017
Borkum Riffgrund 2 & TWBVPI HOSFulgorGermany2017
Rampion OWFVPI HOSGlobal MarineUnited Kingdom2017
Rampion OWFVPI HOSGlobal MarineUnited Kingdom2017
Safaniya Oil FieldVPI HOSJ-PowerSaudia Arabia2017
Safaniya Oil FieldVPI HOSJ-PowerSaudia Arabia2017
EMASVPI HOSJ-PowerSaudia Arabia2017
Brown FieldVPI HOSJ-PowerUAE2017
PerencoVPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2017
Silver Run Testing SystemsVPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2017
BSI Sonar CableVPI CPS for FO CablesTarget EngineeringAbu Dhabi2017
Hohe See OWFVPI HOSTKF CableGermany2017
Power Cable ProjectVPI CPS for a power cable projectGrand Bahama Power The Bahamas2016
Safaniya Oil FieldVPI HOSJ-PowerSaudia Arabia2016
Nordergruende OWFVPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2016
Nordsee One OWFVPI HOSSiem OffshoreGermany2016
Cape Sharp Tidal Demonstration ProjectVPI CPSDCNSNova Scotia2015
Jeju OWFVPI HOSHyundai EngineeringSouth Korea2015
Lynn CanalVPI CPS & VPI JBRNSW GmbHCanada2015
Kentish Flats OWFVPI HOSNSW GmbHUnited Kingdom2015
Gemini OWFVPI HOSNSW GmbHThe Netherlands2015
Gemini OWFVPI CPSVan OordThe Netherlands2015
Das IslandVPI CPS for FO CablesArchirodonAbu Dhabi2014
Kizhi ProjectVPI CPS for a power cable projectNexans Russia2014
Luchterduinen OWFVPI HOSNKT GmbHThe Netherlands2014
OTE projectsVPI CPS for telecom cable projectRedbandGreece2014
Gemini OWFVPI CPS & VPI MESVan OordThe Netherlands2014
Nordsee Ost OWFVPI HOSABB ABGermany2013
Amrumbank OWFVPI HOSCofely FabricomGermany2013
Vestmannaeyjar islandVPI CPS for a power cable projectDjuptaekniIceland2013
Humber Gateway OWFVPI HOSNSW GmbHUnited Kingdom2013
PerencoVPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2013
Tidal Demonstration ProjectVPI CPSEMEC (European Marine Energy Centre)Scotland2012
Agers - Omo cableVPI CPS for a power cable projectJD-ContractorsDenmark2012
OTE projectsVPI CPS for telecom cable projectLink SAGreece2012
Tidal Demonstration ProjectVPI CPSNova InnovationScotland2012
Borkum West II OWFVPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2012
Global Tech I OWFVPI HOSNSW GmbHGermany2012
Q13a AmstelVPI HOSTKF CableThe Netherlands2012
Tidal Demonstration ProjectVPI CPSEMEC (European Marine Energy Centre)Scotland2011
Falah FieldVPI CPSGlobal IndustriesUAE2011
Malta - Sicily FO cableVPI CPS for a cable landing siteUnderwater Management ServicesMalta2011
Tidal Demonstration ProjectVPI CPS & VPI CBSVoithKorea2011
Robin Rigg OWPVPI CPS & VPI TESEon-UKUnited Kingdom2008
Grand Bahama IslandVPI CPS for telecom cable projectNSW GmbHThe Bahamas2007
ProjectSystem TypeClientCountryYear

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