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HSE Statement

Vos Prodect conducts business under Dutch law which is captured within European law and comply to all relevant regulations and acts where applicable.

Health, Safety and Environment

Vos Prodect acknowledges that Health and Safety protection as well as Environmental protection form an important consideration when conducting all business processes/decisions. Vos Prodect consider its duty as employer to ensure the safe and healthy working conditions for its employees.  All employees must comply with the sustainability and environmental regulations and proactively recycle and save energy where possible.

Child Labour

Vos Prodect respect and recognise international human rights and fully rejects all forms of forced and child labour, also in relation to our business partners. Vos Prodect always will respect the minimum legal working age when employing staff, according to its jurisdiction.


Vos Prodect values and promotes diversity of employees throughout the business and recognise the credentials of social responsibility as an employer. Therefore Vos Prodect provide fair working conditions with equal opportunities. Vos Prodect is an employer that treats its employees in a fair and respectful way and expect our employees to treat each other with respect.

No forms of discrimination against employees will be tolerated, whether this is based upon gender, age, sexual identity, ethnicity, disability, religious beliefs or any other personal characteristics.


Vos Prodect reject and will not tolerate any form of bribery and is committed to complying with all relevant Dutch, European and International laws. Vos Prodect will not tolerate its employees or any other associated persons to offer, give, receive or solicit bribes in any form.

June 2019,

M.P.J.M. Derks

Managing Director Vos Prodect