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Articulated pipes

The Vos Prodect Cable protection system has been developed over the past 30 years and consists of two primary products – the Vos Prodect Cast Iron Shell and Vos Prodect Hybrid Protection Shell. 

Cable protection system

The Vos Prodect Cast Iron Shell is utilised for the cable in contact with the sea bed and the Vos Prodect Hybrid Protection Shell is utilised for the free span areas leading into the monopile. The Vos Prodect Cast Iron Shell (also known as Articulated Pipes within the industry) is casted from cast iron half shells whereas the Vos Prodect Hybrid Protection Shell is formed using the cast iron half shells along with an outer polyurethane shell, to provide extra corrosion protection around the free span areas.

Usage articulated pipes

The articulated pipes serve to protect and stabilise subsea power and telecom cables. The Vos Prodect Cable Protection System has been tested extensively with the system providing strong and reliable interlocking mechanisms, resulting in faster assembly without the use of nuts and bolts. The Vos Prodect Cable Protection System also provides bend restriction and impact protection.


  • Easy handling, fast and efficient assembly
  • Does not require bolting due to the innovative interlocking design
  • Built in bend restriction (Monopile Bend Restrictor is adaptable in accordance with project design)
  • Increase of dynamic stability by means of added weight for high energy locations (cable ballast)
  • Avoids abrasion of the cable
  • Protection in free span areas
  • Supports rock dumping
  • Environment friendly material – No special permits required

The ductile cast iron articulated pipes are certified with the appropriate chemical and mechanical properties which are fully traceable.

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