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cable repair projects

subsea cable failures

In general, the operational lifetime of a subsea cable is between 25 and 35 years. During these years, many factors can influence the lifespan of the cable. For example environmental factors play an important role in the process of durability. Strong sea currents can cause the cable to come loose from the sand and float in the free-span areas. Also, objects dropped into the ocean, including fishing nets and anchors, can cause the cable to come loose, making it more vulnerable. As a result, the submarine cables can become damaged and has to be repaired if possible.

cable Repair joints

Repair joints

In the instance that a submarine cable has been damaged, the cable has to be repaired or replaced. To make the process of subsea cable repairs easier, Vos Prodect has designed the Joint Bend Restrictor. These ‘Repair Joints’, also known in the market as Joint Boxes, have been developed to accommodate safe cable handling during an offshore cable repair project. The Cable Protectors have to protect the cable against overbending during the installation of the finished cable repair. It also allows for the free span area to be fully secured whilst lowering the cable onto the seabed. One of the critical points regarding offshore cable repair relates to precious time when working with the cable. The Joint Bend Restrictor of Vos Prodect is a fast and efficient method to install and operate without the use of additional ancillaries.

the cable protection system

Another important reason that sea cables have to be repaired is due to a failing cable protection system. Over the last few years, the consequences of using polyurethane cable protectors have become more and more clear. The operational lifetime of polyurethane subsea cable protection systems is significantly shorter than initially assumed and they also isolate the cables resulting in thermal problems. Vos Prodect identified these problems at an early stage and has been using cast-iron shells for more than 20 years. These articulated pipes allow heat dissipation, which ensures the cable is cooled naturally. Since cast iron is heavier than polyurethane, it will remain stable on the seabed. As they are smaller in dimensions with high density, they add more stability to the submarine cable and will ensure that there is less movement around the free-span areas.

    project support and service

    At Vos Prodect, we place great emphasis on project support and service to ensure client requirements are met. Customer focus, cooperation, and forging a partnership are the principles that lie at the heart of everything we do and the structure of our project management. Vos Prodect offers a comprehensive package of service activities, including extensive assistance in engineering, design, and project development. All of our products continuously undergo vigorous quality and conformity checks, and testing is performed extensively. Since quality, functionality, and accuracy are of unprecedented value in the offshore business, Vos Prodect also offers on-site testing facilities and industry-related desktop studies.  Explore our services below.