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In the relentless pursuit of sustainable energy, offshore wind farms have emerged as a beacon of hope. The He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm in Germany stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration to this cause. At the heart of this impressive project is the partnership between JDR Cables and Vos Prodect who supplied the Cable Hang-Off Systems.

He dreiht: Powering progress in germany

Located off the coast of Germany in the North Sea, the He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm is designed to harness the formidable power of the wind. This project is a beacon of hope for a greener and more sustainable future. With a substantial generation capacity, He Dreiht is set to provide clean, reliable energy to thousands of homes and businesses while significantly reducing carbon emissions.


vos prodect’s contribution: over 100 cable hang-off systems

Vos Prodect, a recognised global leader in delivering cable hang-off systems, played a vital role in the success of the He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm. Vos Prodect supplied over 100 cable hang-off systems, each a testament to engineering excellence and dedication to quality. The Cable Hang-Off systems are crucial in securing and protecting the submarine cables, ensuring their reliability and longevity throughout the design lifetime.

the bespoke design: protecting cable armor wires for extended  design lifetime

One of the key challenges in this project was to protect the cable armour wires to extend their design lifetime. Vos Prodect met this challenge head-on by creating a bespoke design in collaboration with the use of resin. This innovative approach ensured that the cable armour wires are shielded from environmental factors, mechanical stress, and other potential hazards, significantly extending their operational life.

conclusion: A triumph of innovation and collaboration

The He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm represents not just a beacon of renewable energy but also a triumph of innovation and collaboration. Vos Prodect’s contribution with its cable hang-off systems designed for longevity and reliability, played a pivotal role in making this project a success. As we look ahead to a future powered by clean energy, projects like He Dreiht and partnerships like the one between Vos Prodect and JDR Cables stand as shining examples of what can be achieved when vision, collaboration and expertise converge.

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