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Across the Wind, Oil and Gas industries as the demand for power and output increases globally, this correlates with the increase in the sizes of the cables that need to be secured to the platforms or turbines to generate the required increase in demand. However on the other side of the spectrum, we have noticed an increase in Fibre Optic cables that require securing which are a significantly smaller in comparison with power cables.

Vos Prodect was recently approached to create a ‘Mini Cable Hang-Off Clamp’ to secure fibre optic cables to a platform of a shipping barge whilst accommodating the loadings as required. As an engineering company, Vos Prodect embraced the challenge and innovated a miniature variant of our established Cable Hang-Off Clamp system which would secure the smaller fibre optic cables overall diameter ranges and withstand the loads of the project.

The Mini Fibre Optic Cable Hang-Off Clamp system is available in either Painted and/or Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel and can accommodate a range of fibre optic cable diameter ranges on a quick turn around lead time. Available in a split design or as a continuous unit to accommodate your installation methodology, the Mini Fibre Optic Cable Hang-Off Clamp system secures the Fibre Optic cable by clamping on its armour wires. The successfully creation, delivery and deployment of the Mini Fibre Optic Cable Hang-Off Clamp system is testament to Vos Prodect’s knowledge and experience within the offshore industry and amplifies our core engineering capabilities, to source a solution for your subsea challenges.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Mini Fibre Optic Cable Hang-Off Clamp system or if you have a subsea challenge that requires our engineering expertise, get in contact with Vos Prodect today!