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Taiwan’s Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Project has emerged as a powerful beacon of renewable energy and part of the success lays with a remarkable collaboration between Vos Prodect and Van Oord. As the demand for clean energy continues to rise, this offshore wind venture has become a testament to innovative engineering and sustainable power solutions.

 A Vision for Green Energy

With a deep commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy, Taiwan embarked on the Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Project. As an ambitious endeavor with multiple phases, this wind farm is set to play a vital role in achieving the nation’s renewable energy goals.

Vos Prodect’s Role in Protecting the Export Cable

At the heart of this project lies the need for a reliable and robust Cable Protection System (CPS) to safeguard the large export cable, ensuring uninterrupted power transmission from the wind turbines to the shore. Vos Prodect, a renowned leader in offshore cable protection system solutions, was tasked with designing and manufacturing a large CPS system for this critical purpose.

Meeting the Challenge: A Swift Turnaround

To match the tight installation schedule set by Van Oord, Vos Prodect embarked on an ambitious mission to deliver the CPS system in record time. Despite the complexities involved, the team at Vos Prodect rose to the challenge and successfully designed, manufactured, fabricated and delivered the CPS system within just 8 weeks.

 35 Years of Resilience

The CPS system developed by Vos Prodect for the Greater Changhua project achieves an impressive 35-year design lifetime. This ensures long-term protection for the export cable, providing the wind farm with reliable and enduring energy transmission capabilities.

A Testament to Collaboration

The collaboration between Vos Prodect and Van Oord has been exemplary, representing a seamless integration of expertise and ingenuity. By working hand in hand, both companies have showcased their commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient and sustainable solutions for offshore wind projects. 


As the Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Project nears its completion, the involvement of Vos Prodect and Van Oord stands as a remarkable example of industry collaboration and innovative engineering. Through their joint efforts, the wind farm is equipped with a state-of-the-art CPS system that ensures the export cable’s protection and longevity, vital components in Taiwan’s journey towards a cleaner and greener future.

 The Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Project sets the stage for a new era of renewable energy, proving that when expertise unites with vision, the possibilities for sustainable progress are limitless.

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