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Cable Bend Stiffener

Product reference: VPI CBS

The VPI Cable Bend Stiffener provides protection against overbending during installation and operation, amongst demanding applications where longevity in service life is vital. Formed by polyurethane material, the VPI CBS are engineered to specifically suit your project parameters. 

controls minimum bend radius

The primary function of the VPI CBS is to control the minimum bend radius of the cable and to provide additional stiffness. VPI can offer a range of bespoke Cable Bend Stiffeners to suit your project requirements. VPI have several moulds that we accumulated over the years alongside a depth of knowledge and extensive experience using polyurethane, ensuring that VPI can produce a CBS according to the project design requirements.

  • Maintains the minimum bend radius (MBR) design required for the project
  • Wide array of designs to suit for all applications
  • Suited for subsea cable installations but can also be used for static applications

For more information on our Cable Bend Stiffener – VPI CBS, please contact the team via info@vos-prodect.com