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Hang-Off Sealing Case

Product reference: VPI HSC

The VPI Hang-Off Sealing Case is an innovative way that VPI have developed to seal existing hang-off systems. VPI were approached as there were a number of existing hang-off systems that were unsealed/poorly installed and needed to be sealed. After a number of design, engineering and verification tests, the VPI HSC was developed to be able to be customised to encapsulate existing unsealed/poorly installed hang-off systems.


The importance of a hang-off system to be sealed is critical as toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, are formed due to the cathodic corrosion protection of the monopile which poses a health and safety risk to potential work crews on the cable decks. VPI engineered the VPI HSC to tackle this challenge and since has been deployed globally as an engineered solution.

Using a retrofit split piece polyurethane casing design, the VPI HSC encapsulates around an existing hang-off system. Once the VPI HSC has been secured around the existing hang-off system, it is then filled up with the resin to become airtight.

  • Easy and effective assembly due to split design
  • Made to measure and bespoke polyurethane casing with a fast turnaround
  • Allows for the opportunity to seal an existing/installed hang-off system
  • Project based implementation

For more information on our Hang-Off Sealing Case – VPI HSC, please contact the team via info@vos-prodect.com