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Monopile Entry System

Product reference: VPI MES

The VPI Monopile Entry System is devised with a unique mechanism that requires no moving or mechanical parts. The VPI MES is utilised to be installed in the pre-cut entry hole situated on the monopile. The design has been engineered for simplicity and ease during installation, 0% failure/malfunction rates during pull-in, strong and durable protection of the cable and is a cost effective solution.

Hybrid Polyurethane bend restrictors

The VPI MES system utilises Hybrid Polyurethane bend restrictors which reduces the amount of Polyurethane used in our system. Compared to traditional polyurethane systems which can add resistance due to cable isolation, the compact hybrid polyurethane bend restrictors allows for heat dissipation in the system which results in more effective power transfer through the cable.

  • Easy handling, fast and efficient assembly
  • Offers swift and easy disassembly after installation allowing for cable replacement
  • Enables secure cable entry into the monopile whilst maintaining integrity of the cable throughout the design lifetime
  • Withstands drag and the accompanying effects such as VIV and fatigue
  • Prevents ragging on the scour protection
  • Minimal installation time
  • Withstand installation loads and decreases the loads on the cable
  • Enables cable pull in and pull through
  • Test installation trial runs can be performed at our onsite testing facility
  • Bend stiffener with a locking piece
  • Hybrid Polyurethane bend restrictors
  • Ductile cast iron bend restrictors
  • Connection fixings

For more information on our Monopile Entry System – VPI MES, please contact the team via info@vos-prodect.com