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Onshore Landing Clamp 

Product reference: VPI OLC

The VPI Onshore Landing Clamp, also referred to as a ‘Beach Clamp’, is a hang-off system that is utilised onshore on a variety of interfacing application surfaces, typically carrying the power or data from the transformers onto the land. The VPI OLC provides ease of assembly and a prolonged service lifetime with sealing option.

For simple and secure Installation

The VPI OLC is designed to keep installation simple and secure when fixing the VPI OLC onto the onshore surface. The requirement for the VPI OLC to be airtight is dependent on the project design and is not always necessary, however VPI offer many sealing options that are available for this application.

  • Bespoke design to serve client requirements
  • Quick turnaround delivery
  • Fast and simple assembly onshore
  • Earthing connection
  • Assembly / Installation / Sealing tests can be performed at VPI’s testing facility
  • Customizable packaging options to suit project requirements
  • Multiple coating options/surface treatments available
  • Sealing options available

For more information on our Onshore Landing Clamp – VPI OLC, please contact the team via info@vos-prodect.com