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Engineered initially for the wind turbine industry, over the past few years the Vos Prodect’s Cable Hang-off system has been reinvented and developed by a dedicated innovation team, which has resulted in Vos Prodect’s Onshore Landing Clamp evolving into a multifunctional offshore cable landing solution.

Vos Prodect’s Onshore Landing Clamp, also known as ‘the Beach Clamp’, is a Hang-off system that is utilized onshore on a variety of interfacing options, typically anchoring the power or data cables coming from the transformers onto the land. The Onshore Landing Clamp provides ease of assembly and a prolonged service lifetime with sealing options. Vos Prodect successfully installed the first onshore landing clamps last year, for the beach landing of power cables on Ameland. This ‘Beach Clamp’ is now being used for securing a power cable of the NAM, who is currently electrifying three offshore platforms (in the North Sea) for the production of natural gas.

This year we have designed and engineered a special solution for a Japanese client, delivering multiple sets of Onshore Landing Clamps, made of special grades of stainless steel and copper, tailored to meet and maintain the earthing requirements of the project.

Simple but secured installation

Vos Prodect’s Onshore Landing Clamp is designed to keep installation simple and secure when fixing the Onshore Landing Clamp onto the onshore interface. The requirement for the Onshore Landing Clamp to be airtight is dependent on the project design and is not always necessary. However, Vos Prodect offers many sealing options that are available for this application.

The ‘Beach Clamp’ is applicable for a huge variety of cable sizes, ranging from Small to X(X)L to cover all cable manufacturer diameters. Other key features include readily available for fast delivery, split design allows for fast and simple assembly onshore, corrosion protection with innovative surface treatment, and earthing connection. Moreover, assembly, installation, and sealing tests can be performed at Vos Prodect’s testing facility. The packaging options for the Onshore Landing Clamp are also customizable to suit project requirements and there are multiple coating options and surface treatments available.