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Vos Prodect is proud to announce that we have opened a new Sales Office in the United Kingdom. In addition to this exciting news, we also welcome Anil Kumar to the team, who will be based in the UK Sales Office. Anil will be responsible for all aspects of the growth of Vos Prodect. From overseeing projects, business development, and commercial marketing, Anil has joined Vos Prodect with the enthusiasm and desire to expand his array of skills.

We asked Anil a few questions about this experience, his ambitions, and why he chose Vos Prodect.

  1. What attracted you to the position in Vos Prodect?

Wind, oil and gas energy is a field that is becoming more and more prominent every day in our lives. Vos Prodect offered this exciting opportunity to become involved in this field and in particular, I have a vested interest in renewable energy which will be a focal point for future generations.

A big attraction is that the company is diverse and not only do I believe I can contribute to the growth of the company through my previous experience but I am also blessed to be in a company where some of our colleagues have been working for over 15 years at Vos Prodect, so to be able to collaborate and tap into their wealth of knowledge is invaluable. I will look to learn as much as I can from my colleagues.

  1. What challenges do you see on the horizon?

We are at a juncture where the industry will boom in the next decade. I want to make sure that Vos Prodect is at the forefront and that we are known to all the major cable manufacturers and cable installation companies as the industry leader in the supply of subsea cable protection systems, cable hang-off systems, and subsea cable accessories.

Our product range is not only aligned to new projects but also maintenance and cable repair projects. As an engineering company our products are flexible and bespoke to the project application which makes us unique as we welcome challenging and engaging projects to find the appropriate solution.

  1. Why should clients choose Vos Prodect?

Along with over 20+ years of experience within the company working across the wind, oil and gas sectors, we have a depth of knowledge when it comes to prescribing the most effective subsea solutions. As an engineering company, we have the flexibility to adapt our product range according to the application. This results in our products being utilised across multiple fields and they can be specified for new prospective projects as well as cable maintenance/repair projects that need to be conducted. Our product range is adaptable and we are always happy to assist and engage with our clients to find the most effective solution. Our proud delivery record is a testament to the high quality of work that our colleagues have delivered over the years to projects all across the globe.

You can contact Anil Kumar and Vos Prodect UK using the below details:

Email                   anikum@vos-prodect.com

Mobile                +44 (0)7361498891

Address              Fleet House, Springhead Enterprise Park, Springhead Road, Northfleet, Kent, DA11 8HJ