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At VPI we recognise that we have to proactively seek for practices and methods to reduce our company carbon footprint. The values of sustainability and recycling are at the heart of VPI and we believe that every positive change we make will have an impact in the environment.

Typically all of our VPI Hang-Off Systems are packed into wooden crates for
dispatch as an industry norm. However to promote reusability of material and to challenge the industry norm, VPI now offer our customers a more eco-friendly solution with our bespoke shipping containers.

VPI have invested into designing a bespoke eco-friendly shipping container to fit all the components of our VPI HOS. This bespoke shipping container is
specifically designed to provide extra protection during transit and allow ease of access/assembly of the hang-off system once ready to install.

VPI offer a refund for every shipping container that is returned back to VPI. These shipping containers are then reused and recycled for future projects and reduces our reliance on the one-time use non-recyclable wooden crates.

If you would like to find out about the VPI HOS Container Refund Scheme contact us via info@vos-prodect.com

VPI sustainability and environmental policy